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Platyhelminthes British & World English

A phylum of invertebrates that comprises the flatworms

Platyhelminthes in flatworm British & World English

A worm of a phylum which includes the planarians together with the parasitic flukes and tapeworms. They are distinguished by having a simple flattened body which lacks blood vessels, and a digestive tract which, if present, has a single opening

Platyhelminthes in fluke2 British & World English

A parasitic flatworm which typically has suckers and hooks for attachment to the host. Some species are of veterinary or medical importance

Platyhelminthes in platyhelminth British & World English

An invertebrate of the phylum Platyhelminthes; a flatworm

Platyhelminthes in tapeworm British & World English

A parasitic flatworm, the adult of which lives in the intestines. It has a long ribbon-like body with many segments that can become independent, and a small head bearing hooks and suckers