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Polychaeta British & World English

A class of marine annelid worms which comprises the bristle worms

Polychaeta in bristle worm British & World English

A marine annelid worm which has a segmented body with numerous bristles on the fleshy lobes of each segment

Polychaeta in fan worm British & World English

A tube-dwelling marine bristle worm which bears a fan-like crown of filaments that are typically brightly coloured and project from the top of the tube, filtering the water for food particles

Polychaeta in lugworm British & World English

A bristle worm that lives in muddy sand, leaving characteristic worm casts on lower shores. It is widely used as bait by fishermen

Polychaeta in peacock worm British & World English

A colourful European fan worm of shallow waters

Polychaeta in polychaete British & World English

A marine annelid worm of the class Polychaeta; a bristle worm

Polychaeta in sea mouse British & World English

A large marine bristle worm with a stout oval body which bears matted fur-like iridescent chaetae

Polychaeta in serpulid British & World English

A small marine fan worm which lives in a twisted shell-like tube, typically in colonies, with retractable tentacles for filter-feeding

Polychaeta in tube worm British & World English

A marine bristle worm, especially a fan worm, which lives in a tube made from sand particles or in a calcareous tube that it secretes

Polychaeta in worm shell British & World English

The twisted calcareous tube of a sedentary marine bristle worm, typically attached to a stone or mollusc shell