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Portuguese British & World English

Relating to Portugal or its people or language

Portuguese cut British & World English

A variety of the brilliant cut used for gemstones, characterized by many small triangular and rhomboidal facets and an almost circular table.

Portuguese knot British & World English

Any of various types of knot.

Portuguese oyster British & World English

A large edible oyster, Crassostrea angulata (now thought to be a variety of the Pacific oyster, C. gigas), which has a thick, white to pale brown shell with an irregular pattern of ridges and grooves, and was introduced to cultivation in Europe via Portugal.

Portuguese parliament British & World English

A rowdy discussion in which many people speak simultaneously.

Portuguese man-of-war British & World English

A floating colonial coelenterate with a number of polyps and a conspicuous float. It bears long tentacles which are able to inflict painful stings and occurs chiefly in warm seas

Portuguese trade wind British & World English

A north-east wind felt along the Portuguese coast.