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RAID British & World English

Redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks, a system for providing greater capacity, faster access, and security against data corruption by spreading data across several disk drives

raid British & World English

A rapid surprise attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces

raid English Thesaurus

the raid on Dieppe

air raid British & World English

An attack in which bombs are dropped from aircraft on to a ground target

dawn raid British & World English

A surprise visit at dawn, especially by police searching for criminals or illicit goods

ram raid British & World English

A robbery in which a shop window is rammed with a vehicle and looted

panty raid British & World English

A visit by a group of male students to a women’s dormitory with the object of stealing panties

Jameson Raid British & World English

An abortive raid into Boer territory made in 1895-6 by pro-British extremists led by Dr L. S. Jameson (1853–1917) in an attempt to incite an uprising among recent, non-Boer immigrants. The raid contributed to the eventual outbreak of the Second Boer War

air-raid shelter British & World English

A building or structure designed to protect people from bombs dropped during air raids

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