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SOLAS British & World English

The provisions made during a series of international conventions governing maritime safety

sola1 British & World English

An Indian swamp plant of the pea family, with stems that yield the pith that is used to make sola topis

sola2 British & World English

Feminine form of solus.

quiero hablar contigo a solas in solo Spanish-English

I want to talk to you alone

las cifras cantan por sí solas in cantar Spanish-English

the figures speak for themselves

las desgracias nunca vienen solas in desgracia Spanish-English

when it rains, it pours, it never rains but it pours

las cifras hablan por sí solas in hablar Spanish-English

the figures speak for themselves

¿podemos hablar a solas un momento? in hablar Spanish-English

can I have a word with you in private?, can I talk to you alone for a moment?

se entiende que prefiera estar a solas in entender Spanish-English

it is understandable that she should want to be alone