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Scotland British & World English

A country forming the northernmost part of Great Britain and of the United Kingdom; population 5,169,000 (est. 2008); capital, Edinburgh

Scotland Yard British & World English

The headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police, situated from 1829 to 1890 in Great Scotland Yard off Whitehall, from 1890 until 1967 in New Scotland Yard on the Thames Embankment, and from 1967 in New Scotland Yard, Westminster

Church of Scotland British & World English

The national (Presbyterian) Christian Church in Scotland. In 1560 John Knox reformed the established Church along Presbyterian lines, but there were repeated attempts by the Stuart monarchs to impose episcopalianism, and the Church of Scotland was not finally established as Presbyterian until 1690

Free Church of Scotland British & World English

A strict Presbyterian Church organized by dissenting members of the established Church of Scotland in 1843. In 1900 its majority amalgamated with the United Presbyterian Church to form the United Free Church; its name was retained by the minority group, nicknamed the Wee Free Kirk (see Wee Free)

the Kirk in kirk British & World English

The Church of Scotland as distinct from the Church of England or from the Episcopal Church in Scotland

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