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Scottish British & World English

Relating to Scotland or its people

Scottish rite British & World English

A ceremonial rite in a Masonic order

Scottish Blackface British & World English

A long-coated sheep of a hardy breed developed in upland areas of northern Britain, with black legs and muzzle

Scottish Borders British & World English

A council area of southern Scotland; administrative centre, Melrose

Scottish terrier British & World English

A small terrier of a rough-haired short-legged breed

Scottish Nationalist British & World English

A member or supporter of Scottish nationalism or of the Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party British & World English

A political party formed in 1934, which seeks autonomous government for Scotland. It won its first parliamentary seat in 1945

Scottish Gaelic in Gaelic British & World English

A Celtic language spoken mainly in the highlands and islands of western Scotland. It was brought from Ireland in the 5th and 6th centuries ad and is now spoken by about 58,000 people