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Spanish British & World English

Relating to Spain, its people, or its language

Spanish flu British & World English

Influenza caused by an influenza virus of type A, in particular that of the pandemic which began in 1918

Spanish fly British & World English

A bright green European blister beetle

Spanish broom British & World English

A Mediterranean broom with fragrant yellow flowers and almost leafless stems which were formerly used in basketry

Spanish Main British & World English

The former name for the north coast of South America between the Orinoco River and Panama, and adjoining parts of the Caribbean Sea

Spanish moss British & World English

A tropical American plant which grows as silvery-green festoons on trees, obtaining water and nutrients directly through its surface

Spanish onion British & World English

A large onion with a mild flavour

Spanish rice British & World English

A dish of rice with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables, often coloured and flavoured with saffron

Spanish Town British & World English

A town in Jamaica, west of Kingston, the second-largest town and a former capital of Jamaica; population 148,800 (est. 2006)

Spanish America British & World English

The parts of America once colonized by Spaniards and in which Spanish is still generally spoken, including most of Central and South America (except Brazil) and part of the Caribbean

Spanish bayonet British & World English

A yucca with long stiff sword-shaped leaves and tall, slender spikes of white flowers, found from the southern US to the Caribbean

Spanish guitar British & World English

The standard six-stringed acoustic guitar, used especially for classical and folk music

Spanish Mission British & World English

Denoting a style of architecture characteristic of the Catholic missions in Spanish America

Spanish needles British & World English

An American beggar ticks with rayless flowers that develop into a cluster of barbed achenes

Spanish Sahara British & World English

Former name (1958–75) for Western Sahara.

Spanish America New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

parts of America once colonized by Spaniards

Spanish American British & World English

A native or inhabitant of the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America

Spanish-Colonial British & World English

Denoting a style of architecture characteristic of Spanish America

Spanish mackerel British & World English

A large edible game fish related to the mackerel

Spanish omelette British & World English

An omelette containing chopped vegetables, especially potatoes, often served open rather than folded

Spanish windlass British & World English

A device for tightening a rope or cable by twisting it using a stick as a lever

old Spanish custom British & World English

A long-standing practice in a company which is unauthorized or otherwise irregular

Spanish Civil War British & World English

The conflict (1936-9) between Nationalist forces (including monarchists and members of the Falange Party) and Republicans (including socialists and Communists and Catalan and Basque separatists) in Spain

Spanish Inquisition British & World English

An ecclesiastical court established in 1478 and directed originally against converts from Judaism and Islam but later also against Protestants. It operated with great severity and was not suppressed until the early 19th century

Spanish-American War British & World English

A war between Spain and the United States in the Caribbean and the Philippines in 1898. American public opinion having been aroused by alleged Spanish atrocities in Cuba and the destruction of the warship Maine in Havana harbour, the US declared war and successfully invaded Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, all of which Spain gave up by the Treaty of Paris (1898)

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