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Tory British & World English

(In the UK) a member or supporter of the Conservative Party

high Tory British & World English

Originally: a Tory holding opinions which give a high place to the authority and claims of the established church or state (now historical). Later: an uncompromising, traditionalist, or reactionary Tory or conservative.

neo-Tory British & World English

An advocate or supporter of a new or revived form of Toryism.

rory-tory British & World English

Originally English regional (south-western). Loud or gaudy in colour.

Red Tory British & World English

(In Canada) a member of a political group who holds more liberal views than other members

Peterson, Roger Tory British & World English

(1908–96), American ornithologist and artist. Peterson produced his first book for identifying birds in the field in 1934, introducing the concept of illustrating similar birds in similar postures with their differences highlighted. The format of his field guides has become standard in field guides for all groups of animals and plants