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Turk British & World English

A native or inhabitant of Turkey, or a person of Turkish descent

Young Turk British & World English

A member of a revolutionary party in the Ottoman Empire who carried out the revolution of 1908 and deposed the sultan Abdul Hamid II

Turk's cap British & World English

Any of a number of plants which have parts that are said to resemble a turban or similar headdress, in particular:

Turk's head British & World English

An ornamental knot resembling a turban in shape, made in the end of a rope to form a stopper

Turk's-cap lily British & World English

A lily with orange flowers that resemble turbans due to the almost completely reflexed petals

Turk's-head cactus British & World English

A barrel-shaped Jamaican cactus that bears red flowers from a terminal part that resembles a fez. Also called Turk’s-cap cactus

Turk English-Spanish


Young Turk English-Spanish

radical mf

a young Turk in Turk English-Spanish

un joven turcopersona que impone sus criterios innovadores dentro de un partido, organización etc