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Victory British & World English

The flagship of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, launched in 1765. It has been restored, and is now on display in dry dock at Portsmouth

victory British & World English

An act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition

victory lap British & World English

A celebratory circuit of a sports field, track, or court by the person or team that has won a contest

moral victory British & World English

A defeat that can be interpreted as a victory on moral terms, for example because the defeated party defended their principles

victory bond British & World English

A bond issued by a government during or immediately after a major war

victory roll British & World English

A roll performed by an aircraft as a sign of triumph, typically after a successful mission

victory sign British & World English

A signal of triumph or celebration made by holding up the hand with the palm outwards and the first two fingers spread apart to represent the letter V

victory garden British & World English

A vegetable garden, especially a home garden, planted to increase food production during a war

Winged Victory British & World English

A winged statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, especially the Nike of Samothrace (circa 200 bc) preserved in the Louvre in Paris

victory English Thesaurus

they had won a tremendous victory

victory English-Spanish

victoria f, triunfo m

moral victory English-Spanish

victoria f moral

V for victory in V English-Spanish

la V de la victoria

victory is sure in sure English-Spanish

la victoria está asegurada

a famous victory in famous English-Spanish

una victoria memorable

a runaway victory in runaway English-Spanish

una victoria aplastante

victory was dearly won in dearly English-Spanish

la victoria costó muy cara

the sweets of victory in sweet English-Spanish

el dulce sabor de la victoria

let us go on to victory in go English-Spanish

sigamos hasta triunfar

no one can yet claim victory in claim English-Spanish

nadie puede cantar victoria todavía

victory is (with)in our grasp in grasp English-Spanish

la victoria está a nuestro alcance

she led the party to victory in lead English-Spanish

condujo el partido a la victoria

victory lay within his grasp in lie English-Spanish

tenía la victoria al alcance de la mano

a victory of mind over matter in mind English-Spanish

una victoria del espíritu sobre la materia

they were magnanimous in victory in magnanimous English-Spanish

en la hora de la victoria se mostraron magnánimos

he seems very sure of victory in sure English-Spanish

parece muy seguro de que va a ganar

to be on the victory trail in trail English-Spanish

ir* camino de la victoria

to be magnanimous in victory in victory English-Spanish

ser* clemente con los vencidos

Smith handed Jones an easy victory in hand English-Spanish

Smith le regaló la victoria a Jones

Carson rode to victory again today in ride English-Spanish

hoy Carson volvió a ganar la carrera

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