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Welsh British & World English

Relating to Wales, its people, or their language

welsh British & World English

Fail to honour (a debt or obligation incurred through a promise or agreement)

Welsh ale British & World English

A kind of ale, probably strong and dark, originally brewed by the ancient Britons; (probably) = bragget.

Welsh cob British & World English

A breed or variety of large stocky pony developed in Wales as a working horse, now popular for riding and driving; a pony of this breed.

Welsh Not British & World English

A token fastened around a child's neck as a punishment for speaking Welsh.

Old Welsh British & World English

The Welsh language up to circa 1150

Anglo-Welsh British & World English

With plural concord. With the. English-speaking Welsh people, considered collectively.

Welsh acre British & World English

A measure of land formerly used in Wales.

Welsh bill British & World English

A weapon or agricultural implement consisting of a staff with a long curved blade at the top and a vertical spike attached to a spur projecting from the back.

Welsh cake British & World English

A small disc-shaped cake traditionally cooked on a bakestone or griddle, typically containing currants or raisins, often with the addition of spices.

Welsh coal British & World English

Coal (especially hard steam coal or anthracite) mined in South Wales.

Welsh comb British & World English

The thumb and fingers, used to comb the hair.

Welsh drake British & World English

The gadwall, Anas strepera.

Welsh groin British & World English

A groin formed by the intersection of two cylindrical vaults of differing heights, the main longitudinal vault being higher than the side vaults.

Welsh hound British & World English

A breed of hunting dog similar to the English foxhound but wire-haired; a dog of this breed.

Welsh-like British & World English

Characteristic of Wales or what is Welsh; Welsh in nature.

Welsh lump British & World English

A heavy weight fastened to a child's neck as a punishment for speaking Welsh (now historical and rare).

Welsh main British & World English

A tournament in which the loser in each round is eliminated; (occasionally) such a system forming the basis of a competition.

Welsh mile British & World English

A distance of a mile or (usually) more; (allusive) something (especially a distance) that feels long or tedious.

Welsh plain British & World English

Plainly-woven, coarse, or hard-wearing cloth made from Welsh wool; frequently in plural (also with singular concord).

Welsh pony British & World English

A horse of a small, hardy breed developed in Wales; (more fully Welsh mountain pony) a small variety of this, from which the breed is thought to have derived.

Welsh runt British & World English

An animal of a small breed of cattle native to Wales.

Welsh uncle British & World English

A male first cousin of a person's parent.

Welsh vault British & World English

A groin vault formed by the intersection of two cylindrical vaults of differing heights, the main longitudinal vault being higher than the side vaults.

Welsh Wales British & World English

The parts of Wales which are considered most distinctively Welsh, typically those in which the Welsh language is most commonly spoken.

Welsh wave British & World English

A northern geometrid moth, Venusia cambrica, with pale wings marked with wavy brown lines, and caterpillars that feed on the leaves of rowan (Sorbus aucuparia).

Welsh Black British & World English

An animal of a black-coated breed of cattle developed in North Wales, now generally kept for both meat and milk production

Welsh harp British & World English

Another term for triple harp.

Welsh onion British & World English

An Asian onion that forms clusters of slender bulbs which resemble salad (spring) onions. It is the onion most commonly used in SE Asia

Welsh poppy British & World English

A yellow- or orange-flowered European poppy of shady rocky places

Welsh British British & World English

Historical. With the: Welsh Britons, considered collectively; = Welsh.

Welsh Briton British & World English

A Briton; especially one living within the boundaries of modern Wales, as distinguished from an inhabitant of Cornwall.

Welsh cattle British & World English

Cattle of any breed native to or typical of Wales.

Welsh Celtic British & World English

The Brittonic language of Wales; = Cymraeg.

Welsh chimney British & World English

(Especially with reference to 17th-cent. American architecture) a type of chimney typically made from woven branches or wooden slats and coated in clay mortar.

Welsh cotton British & World English

Coarse woollen cloth with a nap; a (piece of) cloth of this type.

Welsh draper British & World English

A maker of or dealer in Welsh cotton.

Welsh English British & World English

The English language as spoken and written in Wales, or by Welsh people.

Welsh flannel British & World English

Flannel made from Welsh wool.

Welsh frieze British & World English

A (piece of) coarse woollen cloth with a nap; Welsh cotton.

Welsh Indian British & World English

A member of a legendary North American Indian tribe believed to be descended from a group of fabled 12th cent. Welsh settlers.

Welsh Marches British & World English

= the Marches (also occasionally in singular).

Welsh mutton British & World English

Mutton obtained from a small breed of sheep traditionally reared in the Welsh mountains, and prized for the delicacy of its flavour.

Welsh Office British & World English

The department of the British Government responsible for Welsh affairs; the buildings in Whitehall, London, and in Cathays Park, Cardiff, housing this; the civil servants working in this department collectively; (in early use also) this proposed department.

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