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X-ray British & World English

An electromagnetic wave of high energy and very short wavelength, which is able to pass through many materials opaque to light

X-ray English Thesaurus

an X-ray of her left knee

X-ray fish British & World English

A small almost transparent freshwater fish with an opaque body cavity. Native to South America, it is popular in aquaria

X-ray tube British & World English

A device for generating X-rays by accelerating electrons to high energies and causing them to strike a metal target from which the X-rays are emitted

X-ray therapy British & World English

Medical treatment of a disease using controlled doses of X-rays

X-ray astronomy British & World English

The branch of astronomy concerned with the detection and measurement of high-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted by celestial objects

X-ray diffraction British & World English

The scattering of X-rays by the regularly spaced atoms of a crystal, useful in obtaining information about the structure of the crystal

X-ray microscope British & World English

An instrument that uses X-rays to produce a magnified image

X-ray telescope British & World English

A telescope designed to detect sources of X-rays

X-ray crystallography British & World English

The study of crystals and their structure by means of the diffraction of X-rays by the regularly spaced atoms of crystalline materials