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ability British & World English

Possession of the means or skill to do something

-ability British & World English

Forming nouns of quality corresponding to adjectives ending in -able (such as suitability corresponding to suitable)

ability English Thesaurus

he was proud of his daughter's ability to read and write

non-ability British & World English

Inability, incapacity; (formerly) specifically †inability to commence a lawsuit (obsolete).

ability group British & World English

Any of a number of subdivisions of pupils grouped together for instruction as part of an ability grouping programme.

mixed-ability British & World English

(Of a class or school) having students of different levels of educational or physical ability

ability grouping British & World English

The organization of pupils into groups according to their perceived ability (either in different schools, or within the same school or class), so that learners of a similar proficiency may be taught together at the same level.