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academic British & World English

Relating to education and scholarship

academic English Thesaurus

an academic institution

New Academic British & World English

A member or adherent of the New Academy.

Old Academic British & World English

Of or relating to the Old Academy.

academic year British & World English

The period of the year during which students attend school or university, usually reckoned from the beginning of the autumn term to the end of the summer term

academic dress British & World English

The traditional dress of students, graduates, or officials of a university or college, usually including a cap and gown, and for graduates a hood, now mainly worn on formal or ceremonial occasions.

academic calendar British & World English

The schedule of events occurring in the academic year; a calendar detailing this, including term times, examination dates, etc.

academic freedom British & World English

A scholar’s freedom to express ideas without risk of official interference or professional disadvantage

unacademic British & World English

Not adopting or characteristic of a scholarly approach or language