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acceptance British & World English

The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered

acceptance English Thesaurus

the acceptance of an award

non-acceptance British & World English

Refusal to accept, receive, or agree to something

acceptance letter British & World English

US a letter accepting nomination as a political candidate, typically made public and containing an outline of the nominee's policies.

acceptance speech British & World English

A speech given upon acceptance of an award, position of office, etc.

acceptance trial British & World English

A trial which a new ship undergoes before being accepted into service; also in extended use; compare trial-trip; frequently in plural.

acceptance world British & World English

Life ‘accepted’ as a debt which must eventually be repaid; (hence, in extended allusive use) any milieu within which one is accepted or within which acceptance (of persons, new ideas, etc.) is important.

acceptance of persons British & World English

Undue partiality on personal grounds; favouritism.