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acetic British & World English

Of or like vinegar or acetic acid

acetic acid British & World English

The acid that gives vinegar its characteristic taste. The pure acid is a colourless viscous liquid or glassy solid

acetic series British & World English

A series of fatty acids or other compounds related to acetic acid.

acetic anhydride British & World English

The anhydride of acetic acid, a colourless pungent liquid used in making synthetic fibres

acetic fermentation British & World English

= acetous fermentation.

indole-3-acetic acid in indoleacetic acid British & World English

A compound which is an acetic acid derivative of indole, especially one found as a natural growth hormone (auxin) in plants

2,3-dichloro-4-(2-ethylacryloyl)phenoxy)acetic acid in ethacrynic acid British & World English

A powerful diuretic drug used in the treatment of fluid retention, especially that associated with heart, liver, and kidney disorders