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adhesive British & World English

Able to stick fast to a surface or object; sticky

adhesive English Thesaurus

fix the stencil in place with a spray adhesive

self-adhesive British & World English

Coated with a sticky substance; adhering without requiring moistening

adhesive organ British & World English

Any of various structures, such as a sucker, by which an animal (especially an aquatic invertebrate or a fish) can adhere to a surface.

adhesive stamp British & World English

An adhesive postage stamp (as contrasted with one impressed on a card, wrapper, etc.).

adhesive envelope British & World English

An envelope having a flap coated with gum or with a layer of glue which becomes sticky when moistened.

adhesive plaster British & World English

A medicated paste containing one or more sticky ingredients, used as a poultice or to attach a dressing or bandage to the skin (now rare).

adhesive capsulitis British & World English

Extreme stiffness or immobility in the shoulder joint, usually following injury and caused by the adhesions in the joint and inflammation of the capsule of the humerus

adhesive tape in tape British & World English

A strip of paper or plastic coated with adhesive and sold in a roll, used to stick things together