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adult British & World English

A person who is fully grown or developed

adult children British & World English

Adults considered in relation to childhood trauma associated with parents

adult education British & World English

Educational programs or courses for adults who are out of school or college

consenting adult British & World English

An adult who willingly agrees to engage in a sexual act

young adult offender British & World English

(In the UK) a criminal from 18 to 20 years of age

subadult British & World English

An animal that is not fully adult

adult English Thesaurus

the adult population of Great Britain

adult English-Spanish


consenting adult in consent English-Spanish

adulto que realiza un acto por su propia y libre voluntad

adult literacy is below 50% in literacy English-Spanish

más del 50% de los adultos son analfabetos

I've lived here all my adult life in adult English-Spanish

toda mi vida de adulto la he pasado aquí

the book may be too adult for a 12-year old in adult English-Spanish

el libro puede no ser apropiado para un niño de 12 años