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affinity British & World English

A natural liking for and understanding of someone or something

affinity English Thesaurus

she has a natural affinity with animals and birds

affinity card British & World English

A cheque card or credit card for which the bank donates a portion of the money spent using the card to a specific charity or other organization

affinity label British & World English

A molecule used to label an enzyme, antibody, or other macromolecule at or near an active site.

affinity group British & World English

A group of people linked by a common interest or purpose

affinity constant British & World English

= dissociation constant; (also especially in later use) the reciprocal of the dissociation constant.

affinity labelling British & World English

A technique for labelling enzymes, antibodies, or other macromolecular structures at or near an active site by means of a molecule which resembles the substrate, and may have a radioactive or fluorescent component to aid in its identification.

electron affinity British & World English

The quantity of energy released when a neutral atom of a given element combines with an electron to form a negative ion; (hence) a measure of an element's tendency to act as an oxidizing agent.

elective affinity British & World English

A correspondence with, or feeling of sympathy or attraction towards, a particular idea, attitude, or person

affinity chromatography British & World English

A technique of chromatography which utilizes the tendency of some molecules in solution to bind specifically to immobilized ligands.

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