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aggregate British & World English

A whole formed by combining several separate elements

aggregate English Thesaurus

the specimen is an aggregate of rock and mineral fragments

in aggregate British & World English

In total; as a whole

aggregate score British & World English

The total score of each competitor or team in a fixture comprising more than one part, game, or round.

aggregate fruit British & World English

A fruit formed from several carpels derived from the same flower, e.g. a raspberry

aggregate recoil British & World English

The ejection of a cluster of atoms from the surface of a radioactive sample as a result of their being bonded to an atom that is recoiling following emission of an alpha particle.

aggregate demand British & World English

The total demand for goods and services within a particular market

aggregate supply British & World English

The total supply of goods and services available to a particular market from producers

monetary aggregate British & World English

A measure of the amount of money in circulation within a country or economic sector