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airy British & World English

(Of a room or building) spacious, well lit, and well ventilated

Airy, Sir George Biddell British & World English

(1801–92), English astronomer and geophysicist, who proposed the concept of isostasy and gave an improved estimate of the earth’s density

airy English Thesaurus

the conservatory is light and airy

Airy disc British & World English

The circular diffraction pattern formed when plane light waves pass through a point aperture; the bright central region of this.

Airy points British & World English

The points along the length of a bar at which it must be supported for the amount of bending (for a given number of points) to be minimized.

Airy spiral British & World English

Each of the spirals of light that are visible when polarized light which has been passed through two plates of left-handed and right-handed quartz is viewed through crossed Nicol prisms.

airy-fairy British & World English

Impractical and foolishly idealistic

airy-fairy English Thesaurus

an airy-fairy principle of political philosophy

Airy function British & World English

Either of the two linearly independent solutions to the differential equation d2 y/dx 2−xy = 0, which are usually expressed in the form of an indefinite integral.