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alba British & World English

A shrub rose of a variety with grey-green leaves and pinkish-white, sweet-scented flowers

Alba Iulia British & World English

A city in west central Romania, to the north of the Transylvanian Alps; population 66,747 (2006). Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century ad, it was the capital of Transylvania

terra alba British & World English

Pulverized gypsum, especially as an ingredient of medicines

phlegmasia alba dolens British & World English

Pain, swelling, and pallor of a limb caused by acute deep venous thrombosis; especially that of a leg, most commonly seen in women after childbirth (also called milk leg, white leg).

T. alba in barn owl British & World English

An owl with a heart-shaped face, black eyes, and relatively long, slender legs, typically nesting in farm buildings or in holes in trees

M. alba in mulberry British & World English

A small deciduous tree with broad leaves, native to East Asia and long cultivated elsewhere

S. alba in mustard British & World English

The yellow-flowered Eurasian plant of the cabbage family whose seeds are used to make mustard

A. alba in silver fir British & World English

A fir tree with foliage that appears silvery or bluish because of whitish lines on the undersides of the needles

Gygis alba in fairy tern British & World English

A small white tropical tern which lays its single egg on a narrow ledge or on the bare branch of a tree. When flying against a bright sky the wings appear somewhat translucent, allowing the bone structure to be seen

Salix alba in white willow British & World English

A Eurasian stream-side willow which has narrow leaves with silky white hairs on both sides, and bark which contains salicin

Abies alba in whitewood British & World English

Any of a number of trees which yield pale timber, in particular:

Ipomoea alba in moonflower British & World English

A tropical American climbing plant of the convolvulus family, with sweet-smelling trumpet-shaped white flowers which open at dusk and close at midday

Populus alba in white poplar British & World English

A Eurasian poplar with lobed leaves that are white underneath and grey-green above

†phlegmasia alba in phlegmasia British & World English

Swelling of a limb; especially (more fully †phlegmasia alba, phlegmasia dolens) phlegmasia alba dolens; an instance of this. Later also: phlegmasia cerulea dolens.

Coenoplana alba in Australian flatworm British & World English

An orange or yellow terrestrial flatworm up to 8 cm in length, accidentally introduced from Australia to Britain where it is destroying earthworm populations

Chenopodium alba in fat hen British & World English

A herbaceous plant with mealy edible leaves, often considered to be a weed

Calidris alba in sanderling British & World English

A small migratory sandpiper of northern Eurasia and Canada, typically seen running after receding waves on the beach

Nymphaea alba in water lily British & World English

An ornamental aquatic plant with large round floating leaves and large, typically cup-shaped, floating flowers

Ectophylla alba in white bat British & World English

A bat with white fur found mainly in Central America

Motacilla alba yarrelli in pied wagtail British & World English

A bird of a black-and-white race of the white wagtail, found in the British Isles, Spain, and Morocco