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almond British & World English

The oval edible nut-like seed (kernel) of the almond tree, growing in a woody shell, widely used as food

almond eyes British & World English

Eyes that are narrow and oval with pointed ends

almond oil British & World English

Oil expressed from bitter almonds, used for cosmetic preparations, flavouring, and medicinal purposes

bitter almond British & World English

An inedible, bitter form of almond, used to produce almond oil

jordan almond British & World English

A high-quality almond of a variety grown chiefly in southeastern Spain

almond tree in almond British & World English

The tree that produces almonds, related to the peach and plum. Native to western Asia, it is widely cultivated in warm climates

almond English-Spanish

almendra f

almond-eyed English-Spanish

de ojos almendrados

almond paste English-Spanish

pasta, mazapán m

bitter almond English-Spanish

almendra f amarga

green-eyed/large-eyed/almond-eyed in -eyed English-Spanish

de ojos verdes/grandes/almendrados