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altitude British & World English

The height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level

altitude English Thesaurus

we are now flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet

altitude map British & World English

A map showing the various heights of geographical features above sea level.

high-altitude British & World English

Located, occurring, or performed at a high altitude; functioning or designed for use at a high altitude.

altitude table British & World English

A table enabling a person to ascertain the latitude of a ship, aircraft, etc., from measurements of the altitude of the sun or other celestial object.

absolute altitude British & World English

Altitude relative to sea level or some other reference level; (Aeronautics) the altitude of an aircraft above the land or sea over which it is flying.

altitude chamber British & World English

A chamber in which air pressure and temperature can be regulated to simulate conditions at different altitudes.

altitude control British & World English

A control for regulating the altitude of an aircraft or spacecraft.

altitude training British & World English

Physical exercise carried out at moderately high altitude for at least several weeks, to achieve increased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and other physiological benefits of acclimatization to altitude, now especially before a sporting event.

meridian altitude British & World English

The altitude of the sun at noon, or of any celestial object as it crosses the meridian.

altitude sickness British & World English

Illness caused by ascent to high altitude, characterized by hyperventilation, nausea, and exhaustion resulting from shortage of oxygen