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alto British & World English

(Especially in church music) the highest adult male singing voice (sometimes distinguished from the countertenor voice as using falsetto)

alto-horn British & World English

= althorn; specifically (US) a saxhorn pitched in E flat, commonly used in wind bands (called tenor horn in British English).

alto sax British & World English

= alto saxophone.

alto clef British & World English

A clef placing middle C on the middle line of the stave, used chiefly for viola music

Palo Alto British & World English

A city in western California, south of San Francisco; population 59,395 (est. 2008). It is a noted centre for electronics and computer technology, and the site of Stanford University

alto relief British & World English

A work in high relief; a sculpture, carving, moulding, etc., in which the shapes project from the plane surface to at least half their actual depth in the round.

alto saxist British & World English

= alto saxophonist.

alto viola British & World English

A stringed instrument having a range between the cello and the viola; a tenor violin.

alto clarinet British & World English

A clarinet between a soprano and bass in size, usually pitched in E flat, and having a range between G in the second octave below middle C and the middle of the second octave above it.

alto recorder British & World English

A recorder falling between the descant and tenor in size; a treble recorder.

alto ripieno British & World English

A tenor part in a grand chorus which is played or sung only in particular parts of a performance; compare alto concertante.

alto-relievo British & World English

Another term for high relief at relief444.

alto saxophone British & World English

A saxophone falling between the soprano and tenor in size, and usually pitched in E flat.

alto saxophonist British & World English

A person who plays the alto saxophone.

Trentino-Alto Adige British & World English

A region of NE Italy, comprising Bolzano-Bozen and Trento provinces. Situated on the border with Austria, it includes the Dolomites

alto-relievos in alto-relievo British & World English

Another term for high relief at relief444.

in alto relief in alto relief British & World English

As a mass noun: such sculpture, carving, etc.; = alto-relievo. Frequently in in alto relief.