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ankle British & World English

The joint connecting the foot with the leg

ankle bone British & World English

The chief bone of the ankle joint; the talus

ankle boot British & World English

A boot that reaches to or just above the ankle

ankle-deep British & World English

Of or at a depth or height to reach the ankles

ankle sock British & World English

A sock that reaches just above the ankle

ankle-length British & World English

(Of footwear or an item of clothing) reaching the ankles

ankle English-Spanish

tobillo masculine

ankle-biter English-Spanish

niño, niña

ankle bone English-Spanish

hueso, astrágalo masculinetechnical/técnico, taba femininetechnical/técnico

ankle boot English-Spanish

botín masculine

ankle deep English-Spanish

que llega hasta los tobillos

ankle sock English-Spanish

calcetín, soquete masculineSouthern Cone/Cono Sur

ankle-length English-Spanish

hasta el tobillo

ankle bracelet English-Spanish

pulsera feminine de tobillo, ajorca feminine

ankle strap in ankle English-Spanish

tobillera feminine

ankle socks in sock English-Spanish

calcetines cortos, soquetes

ankle-/knee-deep in deep English-Spanish

hasta los tobillos/la rodilla

I hurt my ankle in hurt English-Spanish

me hice daño en el tobillo, me lastimé el tobillo

the water's only ankle-deep in deep English-Spanish

el agua llega solo hasta los tobillos

I twisted my ankle/wrist in twist English-Spanish

me torcí el tobillo/la muñeca

she's out with a broken ankle in out English-Spanish

no puede jugar porque tiene el tobillo roto

the street was ankle deep in mud in ankle deep English-Spanish

el barro en la calle llegaba hasta los tobillos

he retired with an injured ankle in retire English-Spanish

abandonó el campo de juego con un tobillo lesionado