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appointed British & World English

(Of a time or place) decided on beforehand; designated

appoint British & World English

Assign a job or role to (someone)

self-appointed British & World English

Having assumed a position or role without the endorsement of others

well appointed British & World English

(Of a building or room) having a high standard of equipment or furnishing

reappoint British & World English

Appoint (someone) once again to a position they have previously held

appointed English Thesaurus

I reported to HQ at the appointed time

self-appointed English-Spanish


well-appointed English-Spanish

bien equipado, muy completo

we met at the appointed hour in appoint English-Spanish

nos encontramos a la hora señalada

beautifully appointed Victorian house in appoint English-Spanish

casa victoriana terminada con hermosos detalles, casa victoriana con hermoso terminado

he became the self-appointed champion of … in self-appointed English-Spanish

se autoproclamó defensor de …, se erigió en defensor de …

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