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artificial British & World English

Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural

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artificial flowers

artificial aid British & World English

A device such as a crampon, piton, etc., used to assist a climber (ropes and other safety equipment typically not being classed in this way).

artificial atom British & World English

An artificial physical system containing electrons in discrete quantum states (resembling those of electrons within atoms); specifically = quantum dot.

artificial day British & World English

The period during which the sun is above the horizon, as distinguished from the period in which the earth turns once on its axis.

artificial ear British & World English

A man-made object made to imitate the appearance of an ear; (in later use) one made to perform some of the functions of the ear.

artificial eye British & World English

A man-made object made to imitate the appearance of an eye; (in later use also) one made to perform some of the functions of the eye.

artificial gene British & World English

A nucleic acid sequence constructed or modified synthetically for introduction into an organism or other biological system.

artificial hour British & World English

A division of time equivalent to one-twelfth of the period during which the sun is above (or, alternatively, below) the horizon.

artificial line British & World English

Electrical Engin. a network that has similar electrical properties to a transmission line (or other specified electrical properties); especially one designed to simulate an actual line.

artificial lung British & World English

Any of various devices designed to assist breathing or to behave like a lung; (in later use especially) a device connected to the pulmonary circulation to carry out oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

artificial turf British & World English

Any of various synthetic materials resembling grassy turf, used especially as a playing surface for sports.

artificial year British & World English

The period from one New Year's Day to another, as distinguished from the actual time taken by the earth in its annual revolution; a calendar or civil year.

artificial life British & World English

The simulation by computer programs or computerized systems of the behaviour, population dynamics, or other characteristics of living organisms

artificial silk British & World English

Old-fashioned term for viscose.

artificial blood British & World English

A synthetic liquid suitable for use as a substitute for blood in transfusions.

artificial grass British & World English

A synthetic material made to resemble grass.

artificial gravity British & World English

A simulation of gravity in a spacecraft, usually in a fictional or hypothetical context.

artificial island British & World English

A man-made island or other structure surrounded by or floating on water.

artificial magnet British & World English

A magnetic object in which the magnetism is induced rather than natural.

artificial manure British & World English

(Originally) any material added in bulk to soil to improve its fertility (now rare or disused); (in later use) a chemical fertilizer.

artificial memory British & World English

A system of mnemonic devices; the use of mnemonics.

artificial surface British & World English

A carpetlike playing surface used in stadiums instead of natural grass

artificial system British & World English

A system of classification designed primarily for pragmatic reasons rather than correspondence to natural affinities or essential characteristics.

artificial horizon British & World English

A gyroscopic instrument or a fluid surface, typically one of mercury, used to provide the pilot of an aircraft with a horizontal reference plane for navigational measurement when the natural horizon is obscured

artificial kidney British & World English

A machine or other mechanical device which performs the functions of the human kidney

artificial chromosome British & World English

(Originally) a synthetic nucleic acid sequence designed to mimic the structure and behaviour of a chromosome; (now usually) a nucleic acid sequence into which an artificial or modified gene, or a fragment of a natural genome which is being studied, can be maintained, reproduced, and manipulated within a carrier such as a bacterial or yeast cell.

artificial climbing British & World English

The sport of climbing on an indoor or outdoor wall whose surface simulates a mountain

artificial evolution British & World English

A process of development or change analogous to or likened to biological evolution.

artificial language British & World English

An invented language, especially one designed for international use.

artificial porcelain British & World English

A type of porcelain made by adding glass or frit to the clay paste (also called frit porcelain, soft porcelain, or soft-paste porcelain).

artificial selection British & World English

The development or maintenance of distinct variants of a species by human intervention, such that each successive generation is produced by the deliberate breeding, or the preferential reproduction, of individuals which have particular desired characteristics; contrasted with natural selection.

artificial sunlight British & World English

Artificial light resembling sunlight, especially in its spectral distribution or intensity; (also, now rare or historical) artificial light containing a high proportion of ultraviolet radiation.

artificial sweetener British & World English

An ingredient or substance added to food or drink to give it a sweeter taste; (now only) specifically any of various synthetic compounds, typically of little or no food value, which are used as a substitute for sugar.

artificial respiration British & World English

The restoration or initiation of someone’s breathing by manual, mechanical, or mouth-to-mouth methods

artificial insemination British & World English

The medical or veterinary procedure of injecting semen into the vagina or uterus

artificial intelligence British & World English

The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages

artificial turf in artificial surface British & World English

A carpetlike playing surface used in stadiums instead of natural grass

artificial pneumopericardium in pneumopericardium British & World English

The presence of air or gas in the pericardium. Also (more fully artificial pneumopericardium): the deliberate introduction of air or gas into the pericardium for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes (now rare).

artificial pneumoperitoneum in pneumoperitoneum British & World English

More fully artificial pneumoperitoneum. The deliberate introduction of air or gas into the peritoneal cavity, as a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (now chiefly as an aid to laparoscopy); the condition created by this.