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assassin British & World English

A person who murders an important person for political or religious reasons

Assassin in assassin British & World English

A member of the Nizari branch of Ismaili Muslims at the time of the Crusades, when the newly established sect ruled part of northern Persia (1094–1256). They were renowned as militant fanatics, and were popularly reputed to use hashish before going on murder missions

assassin English Thesaurus

his presidency was cut short by an assassin's bullet

assassin bug British & World English

A long-legged predatory or bloodsucking bug which occurs chiefly in the tropics and feeds mainly on other arthropods. Some of those that bite humans can transmit microorganisms such as that causing Chagas' disease

character assassin British & World English

A person engaged in character assassination.

Abdul Hamid II British & World English

(1842–1918), Ottoman sultan 1876–1909. An autocratic ruler, he was deposed after the revolt of the Young Turks