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assume British & World English

Suppose to be the case, without proof

assuming British & World English

Used for the purpose of argument to indicate a premise on which a statement can be based

reassume British & World English

Take on or gain (something) again

assume English Thesaurus

I assumed he wanted me to keep the book

assume English-Spanish


let's assume they're right in assume English-Spanish

supongamos que tienen razón

we can't assume anything in assume English-Spanish

no podemos dar nada por sentado

I assume you've heard the news in assume English-Spanish

supongo que te habrás enterado de la noticia

I assume you're paying — well, you assume wrong in wrong English-Spanish

imagino que pagas tú — pues estás en un error

you were wrong to assume that he would help you in wrong English-Spanish

te equivocaste al pensar que te ayudaría

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