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atom British & World English

The smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist

the atom in atom British & World English

Atomic particles as a source of nuclear energy

atom English Thesaurus

they build tiny circuits atom by atom

atom-free British & World English

Free of atomic weapons or atomic energy; specifically = nuclear-free.

hot atom British & World English

An atom that has a very high kinetic or internal energy, usually as a result of a nuclear process.

sub-atom British & World English

A constituent part of an atom; a subatomic particle.

atom bomb British & World English

A bomb which derives its destructive power from the rapid release of nuclear energy by fission of heavy atomic nuclei, causing damage through heat, blast, and radioactivity

atom-bombed British & World English

Having been hit or destroyed by an atom bomb.

atom laser British & World English

A quantum system for producing a beam of atoms in a coherent state, analogous to the photons in an optical laser.

atom optics British & World English

The branch of physics concerned with phenomena in which the wavelike properties of cold neutral atoms are significant and behaviour analogous to that of light waves is observed.

atom probe British & World English

An instrument for ascertaining information about individual atoms in a sample; specifically one consisting of a field-ion microscope, in which ionized atoms evaporated from the sample surface are accelerated, and a mass spectrometer in which they are analysed.

atom theory British & World English

A theory that assumes the existence of atoms or an atomic constitution; (Science) atomic theory.

radio-atom British & World English

A radioactive atom; an atom of a radionuclide.

hollow atom British & World English

An atom in which inner-shell electrons are missing, usually as a result of electrical excitation

atom bombing British & World English

The action or an act of attacking by dropping an atom bomb.

atom-smashing British & World English

Capable of producing the fission or nuclear rearrangement of atoms.

nuclear atom British & World English

The atom regarded as having the charges of one sign surrounding a smaller central cluster of those of the opposite sign.

physical atom British & World English

An ultimate component particle of which material substances are composed or into which they may be physically divided.

atom smasher British & World English

Informal term for particle accelerator.

Rydberg atom British & World English

An atom in a highly excited state in which one electron has almost sufficient energy to escape. Atoms, usually hydrogen atoms, in this Rydberg state are used in atomic research

artificial atom British & World English

An artificial physical system containing electrons in discrete quantum states (resembling those of electrons within atoms); specifically = quantum dot.

Rutherford atom British & World English

An atom in which negatively charged electrons are conceived as orbiting an extremely dense, positively charged nucleus; an atom described by the Rutherford model.