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attendant British & World English

A person employed to provide a service to the public in a particular place

flight attendant British & World English

A steward or stewardess on an aircraft

attendant English Thesaurus

a sleeping-car attendant delivered hot-water bottles

attendant English-Spanish

guarda masculine

pool attendant English-Spanish

encargado, -damasculine, feminine de la piscina

pump attendant English-Spanish

empleado, -da masculine, feminine de la gasolinera, gasolinero,, bencinero,

flight attendant English-Spanish

auxiliar masculine and feminine de vuelo, sobrecargo masculine and feminine

lift attendant in lift English-Spanish

ascensorista masculine and feminine

lavatory attendant in lavatory English-Spanish

encargado, -damasculine, feminine de los baños orSpain/España servicios

parking attendant in parking English-Spanish

guardacoches masculine and feminine

cloakroom attendant in cloakroom English-Spanish

guardarropa masculine and feminine, encargado, -da masculine, feminine del guardarropa

parenthood and its attendant responsibilities in attendant English-Spanish

la paternidad y las responsabilidades que comporta