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attract British & World English

Cause to come to a place or participate in a venture by offering something of interest or advantage

attract English Thesaurus

positively charged hydrogen ions are attracted to the negatively charged terminal

attract English-Spanish


to attract sb's attention in attract English-Spanish

atraer* la atención de algn

to attract sb's attention in attention English-Spanish

atraer* la atención de algn

he does it to attract attention in attract English-Spanish

lo hace para llamar la atención

it's designed to attract the tourist trade in trade English-Spanish

está pensado para atraer a los turistas

children do that to get o attract attention in attention English-Spanish

los niños hacen eso para que se les haga caso

the game is expected to attract a good crowd in crowd English-Spanish

se espera que el partido atraiga mucho público

the whole idea of the operation was to attract publicity in idea English-Spanish

habían hecho la operación con la idea de atraer publicidad