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automatic British & World English

(Of a device or process) working by itself with little or no direct human control

automatic English Thesaurus

automatic garage doors

non-automatic British & World English

(Of a device) operated by human control, rather than automatically or electronically

automatic brake British & World English

A brake which operates automatically; especially one which automatically halts goods wagons or passenger carriages which have accidentally become detached from a moving train.

automatic pilot British & World English

A device for keeping an aircraft on a set course without the intervention of the pilot

automatic dialler British & World English

A device that dials telephone numbers automatically; specifically = autodialler.

automatic helmsman British & World English

A device which automatically keeps a ship on a preset heading.

automatic landing British & World English

Landing of an aircraft that is automatic in some way; specifically landing in which a pilot is guided by instruments rather than by visual observation; an instance of such a landing.

automatic machine British & World English

Any machine that operates automatically; (in later use especially) a vending machine.

automatic observer British & World English

A means of photographing cockpit instrument readings at intervals, usually automatically.

automatic shut-off British & World English

A facility for automatically stopping the operation of a device, machine, etc., in certain circumstances.

automatic teller British & World English

Any machine that performs the functions of a bank teller; (now especially) a machine that automatically provides cash and performs some other banking services on insertion of a special card; = ATM.

automatic tension British & World English

A device on a sewing machine that automatically adjusts the tension of the thread.

automatic writing British & World English

Writing said to be produced by a spiritual, occult, or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer

automatic following British & World English

The automatic following by a radar of a chosen target; = auto-following noun; frequently attributive.

automatic parachute British & World English

A parachute that opens automatically, especially one operated by a static line.

automatic stabilizer British & World English

Originally and chiefly Aeronautics a device in an aircraft or ship for automatically maintaining a set attitude.

on automatic pilot British & World English

Out of routine or habit, without concentration or conscious thought

automatic train control British & World English

Automatic regulation or control of the speed of a train; any of various signalling or braking systems used effect this (frequently attributive).

automatic volume control British & World English

= automatic gain control; abbreviated AVC.

automatic gain control British & World English

A feature of certain amplifier circuits which gives a constant output over a wide range of input levels

automatic direction finder British & World English

A navigational aid used in aircraft and ships which continuously and automatically displays the bearing of the nearest radio beacon; abbreviated ADF.

automatic frequency control British & World English

The automatic stabilization of the frequency or tuning of a circuit; a means for achieving this; abbreviated AFC.

mode British & World English

An option allowing a change in the method of operation of a device, especially a camera

on automatic pilot in automatic pilot British & World English

Out of routine or habit, without concentration or conscious thought

machine translation British & World English

Translation carried out by a computer