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ballad British & World English

A poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next

ballad English Thesaurus

a ballad sung in the pubs of Ireland

ballad metre British & World English

Another term for common metre.

ballad-monger British & World English

A composer or seller of ballads

ballad opera British & World English

A theatrical entertainment popular in early 18th-century England, taking the form of a satirical play interspersed with traditional or operatic songs. The best-known example is John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera (1728)

ballad stanza British & World English

A four-line stanza in iambic meter in which the first and third unrhymed lines have four metrical feet and the second and fourth rhyming lines have three metrical feet