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ballistic British & World English

Relating to projectiles or their flight

ballistic nylon British & World English

A tough synthetic fabric, originally used as a bulletproof or blast-proof material but now used for a variety of purposes where strength and durability are desirable, such as luggage, footwear, etc.

ballistic camera British & World English

A camera designed for the precise photography of trajectories and other features of high velocity flight, using techniques such as high-speed multiple imaging, timed exposure with wide-angle lenses, and calibration against the night sky.

ballistic pendulum British & World English

An apparatus for determining the velocity of a projectile from the amount of deflection produced when it strikes a target that is free to oscillate.

ballistic rocket British & World English

A rocket which is not guided after its initial propulsion phase; especially a ballistic missile.

ballistic missile British & World English

A missile with a high, arching trajectory, which is initially powered and guided but falls under gravity on to its target

ballistic galvanometer British & World English

A moving-coil galvanometer whose coil has a large moment of inertia and a slow swing, so that the instrument responds to the quantity of charge passed (rather than the size of the current) and is suitable for measuring very small currents.

ballistic trajectory British & World English

The path taken by a projected body which is acted upon only by gravitational forces and the resistance of the medium through which it passes.

ballistic electron emission microscopy British & World English

A technique in which a scanning tunnelling microscope tip is used to inject ballistic electrons into a sample consisting of at least two layers, in order to investigate the interface between the layers.

Ballistic Missile Defense Organization British & World English

Name given to Strategic Defense Initiative after 1993.