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ballot British & World English

A system of voting secretly and in writing on a particular issue

the ballot in ballot British & World English

The total number of votes cast in a ballot

ballot box British & World English

A sealed box into which voters put completed ballot papers

down-ballot British & World English

Of or relating to the less prominent of the contested offices appearing on an electoral ballot, which typically lists such offices in descending order from national to local

ballot paper British & World English

A slip of paper used to register a vote

second ballot British & World English

A further ballot held to confirm the selection of a candidate where a previous ballot did not yield an absolute majority

secret ballot British & World English

A ballot in which votes are cast in secret

absentee ballot British & World English

North American term for postal vote.

the ballot box in ballot box British & World English

Democratic principles and methods

ballot English Thesaurus

the ballot for the leadership election

ballot English-Spanish

votación f

ballot-box stuffing English-Spanish

fraude m electoral, pucherazo mEspfamiliar/colloquial, trinquete mMéxfamiliar/colloquial

to ballot sb on sth English-Spanish

someter algo a la votación de algn

ballot (paper) in ballot English-Spanish

papeleta f, boleta f electoral Méx, RPl, carta

pithead ballot in pithead English-Spanish

votación llevada a cabo a la salida de la mina

first/second ballot in ballot English-Spanish

primera/segunda votación

to split one's ticket/ballot in split English-Spanish

votar a candidatos de distintos partidos para distintos cargos

to decide by ballot in ballot English-Spanish

decidir por votación

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