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bankruptcy British & World English

The state of being bankrupt

bankruptcy order British & World English

An order of the court declaring a person bankrupt and placing their affairs under the control of a receiver or trustee

trustee in bankruptcy British & World English

A person taking administrative responsibility for the financial affairs of a bankrupt and the distribution of assets to creditors

bankruptcy English Thesaurus

many companies were facing bankruptcy

bankruptcy English-Spanish

quiebra feminine, bancarrota feminine

to file for bankruptcy in bankruptcy English-Spanish

presentar una solicitud de declaración de quiebra

the bank rescued the company from bankruptcy in rescue English-Spanish

el banco salvó a la empresa de la quiebra

he is understandably reticent about his bankruptcy in reticent English-Spanish

es comprensible que se muestre reticente a hablar de la quiebra

he is taking the country down the road to bankruptcy in road English-Spanish

está llevando el país camino a la bancarrota

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