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basement British & World English

The floor of a building which is partly or entirely below ground level

semi-basement British & World English

A storey of a building partly below ground level

sub-basement British & World English

A storey below a basement

bargain basement British & World English

A store or part of a store where goods are sold cheaply

basement membrane British & World English

A thin, delicate membrane of protein fibres and mucopolysaccharides separating an epithelium from underlying tissue

basement English-Spanish

sótano m

down in the basement/valley in down English-Spanish

abajo en el sótano/el valle

the basement is knee-deep in water in knee-deep English-Spanish

en el sótano el agua llega hasta las rodillas

the fire was confined to the basement in confine English-Spanish

el incendio se localizó en el sótano, el incendio solo afectó al sótano