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basis British & World English

The underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process

basis point British & World English

One hundredth of one percentage point (used chiefly in expressing differences of interest rates)

basis English Thesaurus

the factual basis for his criticism

basis English-Spanish

base f

basis point English-Spanish

punto m básico

on a regular basis in regular English-Spanish

con regularidad, regularmente

on a yearly basis in yearly English-Spanish

cada año, anualmente

on the basis that … in basis English-Spanish

partiendo de la base de que …

on a pro rata basis in pro rata English-Spanish

a prorrata, proporcionalmente

on a fifty-fifty basis in fifty-fifty English-Spanish

a medias, por partes iguales

on the basis of these facts in basis English-Spanish

sobre la base de estos hechos, en base a estos hechos

a firm basis for negotiations in firm English-Spanish

una base sólida para las negociaciones

we meet on a regular/monthly basis in basis English-Spanish

nos reunimos regularmente/mensualmente

employed/paid on a daily basis in daily English-Spanish

contratado/pagado por día(s)

the work is done on a voluntary basis in basis English-Spanish

el trabajo se hace voluntariamente

the problems are dealt with on an ad hoc basis in ad hoc English-Spanish

los problemas se van tratando según van surgiendo

on what basis do you make these assertions? in basis English-Spanish

¿en qué se basa usted para afirmar eso?

all clients are treated/charged on an equal basis in basis English-Spanish

a todos los clientes se los trata igual/se les cobra lo mismo

we've employed her/taken a subscription on a trial basis in trial English-Spanish

la hemos contratado/nos hemos suscrito a prueba

tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis in first English-Spanish

se adjudicará(n) las entradas por riguroso orden de solicitud (

employees will be kept informed on a need-to-know basis in need-to-know English-Spanish

se mantendrá informados a los empleados solo sobre lo que es estrictamente necesario saber

we've known each other long enough to be on a first-name basis in first name English-Spanish

nos conocemos hace bastante tiempo como para tratarnos de tú

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