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bathroom British & World English

A room containing a bath and usually also a washbasin and a toilet

bathroom break British & World English

A break in a meeting or other organized gathering to allow those in attendance to go to the toilet

bathroom suite British & World English

A set of coordinating fittings for a bathroom, typically comprising a bath, washbasin, and toilet

bathroom English-Spanish

(cuarto m de) baño m

bathroom suite in suite English-Spanish

juego de artefactos de baño

where's the bathroom? I'm desperate! in desperate English-Spanish

¿dónde está el baño? estoy que no (me) aguanto más

we had a flood in the bathroom in flood English-Spanish

se nos inundó el cuarto de baño

he hogs the bathroom every morning in hog English-Spanish

acapara el cuarto de baño todas las mañanas

we put a shower in the bathroom in put English-Spanish

pusimos una ducha en el baño

the bedroom communicates with the bathroom in communicate English-Spanish

el dormitorio (se) comunica con el cuarto de baño

the bathroom floor was swimming with water in swim English-Spanish

el suelo del baño estaba cubierto de agua, el baño estaba inundado

both bedrooms have direct access to the bathroom in access English-Spanish

ambos dormitorios tienen acceso directo al baño

is he still in the bathroom? — no, he's out in out English-Spanish

¿está todavía en el baño? — no, ya ha salido

he kept disappearing into the bathroom every five minutes in disappear English-Spanish

cada cinco minutos desaparecía y se metía en el baño