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bike British & World English

A bicycle or motorcycle

e-bike British & World English

A bike that can be powered by electricity as well as propelled by pedals

bike lane British & World English

A division of a road marked off with painted lines, for use by cyclists

bike path British & World English

A path or road for bicycles and not motor vehicles

quad bike British & World English

A motorcycle with four large tyres, for off-road use

road bike British & World English

A bicycle for use on paved roads as opposed to rough terrain or racing tracks, especially one designed for competitive cycling

dirt bike British & World English

A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used especially in scrambling

bike shorts British & World English

Skintight knee-length shorts made of a stretch fabric, of a kind originally designed to be worn by cyclists

trail bike British & World English

A light motorcycle for use on rough terrain

ghost bike British & World English

A bicycle painted white and left as a memorial at a site where a cyclist was fatally injured in a collision with a motor vehicle

exercise bike British & World English

A stationary piece of exercise equipment resembling an ordinary bicycle

mountain bike British & World English

A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tyres, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain

on your bike! British & World English

Go away (used as an expression of annoyance)

on your bike! in bike British & World English

Go away (used as an expression of annoyance)

bike English-Spanish

bici femininecolloquial/familiar

bike rack English-Spanish

soporte, soporte

bike shed English-Spanish

→ bicycle shed

quad bike English-Spanish

quad, moto

pocket bike English-Spanish

minimoto feminine

mountain bike English-Spanish

bicicleta feminine de montaña

mountain bike Spanish-English

mountain bike

BMX bike in BMX English-Spanish

bicicleta feminine de ciclocross

on your bike! in bike English-Spanish

¡vete a freír espárragos!

the bike got stolen in get English-Spanish

se robaron la bicicleta

let him ride your bike in ride English-Spanish

préstale la bicicleta

my bike has a puncture in puncture English-Spanish

mi bicicleta tiene una rueda pinchada

he rides a bike to work in ride English-Spanish

va al trabajo en bicicleta

she whirled past on her bike in whirl English-Spanish

pasó en su bicicleta como una exhalación

my bike's miles better than yours in mile English-Spanish

mi moto es cien mil veces mejor que la tuya

she rode her bike down the steps in ride English-Spanish

bajó los escalones con la bicicleta

he has his heart set on a new bike in heart English-Spanish

lo que más quiere es una bicicleta nueva

she raced down the hill on her bike in race English-Spanish

bajó la cuesta en bicicleta a toda velocidad

I whizzed down the hill on my bike in whiz English-Spanish

bajé la colina en bicicleta como un bólido

have you had a try on his bike yet? in try English-Spanish

¿ya has probado su bicicleta?

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