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bill1 British & World English

A printed or written statement of the money owed for goods or services

bill2 British & World English

The beak of a bird, especially when it is slender, flattened, or weak, or belongs to a web-footed bird or a bird of the pigeon family

bill3 British & World English

A medieval weapon like a halberd with a hook instead of a blade

bill1 English Thesaurus

their bill came to £69

bill2 English Thesaurus

a bird's bill

act of attainder British & World English

An item of legislation inflicting attainder without judicial process

T-bill British & World English

Short for Treasury bill.

bank bill British & World English

A bill of exchange drawn by one bank on another

show bill British & World English

An advertising poster, especially for a theater performance

true bill British & World English

A bill of indictment found by a grand jury to be supported by sufficient evidence to justify prosecution

wage bill British & World English

The amount paid in wages by an employer to employees

bottle bill British & World English

Any of several US state laws that require deposits to be paid on beverages sold in recyclable bottles and cans

Brady Bill British & World English

A provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns

Brandt, Bill British & World English

(1904–83), German-born British photographer; full name Hermann Wilhelm Brandt. He is best known for his almost abstract treatment of the nude, as in Perspectives of Nudes (1961)

Cosby, Bill British & World English

(1937-), US comedian, actor, and writer; full name William Henry Cosby, Jr. He was the first African American to star in a weekly television drama (I Spy; 1965–68). His comedy series The Cosby Show 1984–92 was one of the most successful programs in television history. He wrote Fatherhood (1986) and Love and Marriage (1989)

double bill British & World English

A programme of entertainment with two main items

Gates, Bill British & World English

(B.1955), American computer entrepreneur; full name William Henry Gates. He co-founded the computer software company Microsoft and became the youngest multibillionaire in American history

Haley, Bill British & World English

(1925–81), American rock-and-roll singer; full name William John Clifton Haley. His song ‘Rock Around the Clock’ (1954) was the first to popularize rock and roll

hybrid bill British & World English

(In the UK) a legislative bill that combines the characteristics of a private and public bill

paper bill British & World English

A bill for goods or services in paper form, as opposed to one that is delivered electronically

public bill British & World English

A proposed law that affects the public as a whole

Tilden, Bill British & World English

(1893–53), US tennis player; full name William Tatem Tilden II. During 1920–30, he won the men’s singles title at seven US Open and three Wimbledon tournaments. He led the US to seven straight Davis Cup victories 1920–26

Bradley, Bill British & World English

(1943-), US basketball player and politician; full name William Warren Bradley. He played professionally for the New York Knicks 1967–77 before entering politics. A New Jersey Democrat, he served as a US senator 1979–97. In 2000, he unsuccessfully campaigned to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Basketball Hall of Fame (1983)

Buffalo Bill British & World English

(1846–1917), American showman; born William Frederick Cody. He gained his nickname for killing 4,280 buffalo in eight months to feed the Union Pacific Railroad workers, and subsequently devoted his life to his travelling Wild West Show

Clinton, Bill British & World English

(B.1946), American Democratic statesman, 42nd President of the US 1993–2001; full name William Jefferson Clinton. Re-elected in 1996, he was impeached in 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, but was acquitted

finance bill British & World English

A legislative bill proposing changes to taxes, duties, etc.

foreign bill British & World English

A bill of exchange payable in another country

private bill British & World English

A legislative bill affecting the interests only of a particular body or individual

Russell, Bill British & World English

(1934-), US basketball player and coach; full name William Felton Russell. A center, he played for the Boston Celtics 1956–69 and also coached them from 1966, becoming the first African-American head coach in the NBA. He coached the Seattle Supersonics 1973–77 and the Sacramento Kings 1987–88. Basketball Hall of Fame (1974)

Shankly, Bill British & World English

(1913–81), Scottish footballer and manager; full name William Shankly. He was a renowned manager of Liverpool (1960–74), with whom he had great success in Britain and Europe

shipping bill British & World English

(In the UK) a form used by Customs and Excise before goods can be exported from the country or removed from a bonded warehouse

station bill British & World English

A list showing the prescribed stations of a ship’s crew in specified emergencies

Treasury bill British & World English

A short-dated UK or US government security, yielding no interest but issued at a discount on its redemption price

fit the bill British & World English

Be suitable for a particular purpose

bill and coo British & World English

Behave or talk in a very loving or sentimental way

bill of sale British & World English

A certificate of transfer of personal property, used especially where something is transferred as security for a debt

commercial bill British & World English

A bill of exchange issued by a commercial organization to raise money for short-term needs

bill of costs British & World English

A solicitor’s account of charges and expenses incurred while carrying out a client’s business

bill of goods British & World English

A consignment of merchandise

bill of health British & World English

A certificate relating to the incidence of infectious disease on a ship or in the port from which it has sailed

bill of lading British & World English

A detailed list of a ship’s cargo in the form of a receipt given by the master of the ship to the person consigning the goods

Bill of Rights British & World English

The English constitutional settlement of 1689, confirming the deposition of James II and the accession of William and Mary, guaranteeing the Protestant succession, and laying down the principles of parliamentary supremacy

bill of exchange British & World English

A written order to a person requiring them to make a specified payment to the signatory or to a named payee; a promissory note

bill of indictment British & World English

A written accusation as presented to a grand jury

bill of quantities British & World English

A detailed statement of work, prices, dimensions, and other details, for the erection of a building by contract

book-to-bill ratio British & World English

The ratio of new orders to completed sales in the semiconductor industry, regarded as an economic indicator for overall trends in the technology sector

private member's bill British & World English

(In the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) a legislative bill that is introduced by a private Member of Parliament and is not part of a government’s planned legislation. Such bills rarely become law

a clean bill of health British & World English

A declaration or confirmation that someone is healthy or that something is in good condition

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