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biological British & World English

Relating to biology or living organisms

biological English Thesaurus

two conditions are essential to support biological growth: nutrients and moisture

biological hole British & World English

A cavity in a nuclear reactor designed to permit the placing of living organisms near the core in order to test the biological effects of radiation.

non-biological British & World English

Not involving or derived from biology or living organisms

biological assay British & World English

Measurement of the concentration, potency, or other properties of a substance by its qualitative or quantitative effect on living cells or organisms.

biological science British & World English

Any of the branches of biology; these sciences collectively.

biological shield British & World English

A shield used for protection against radiation, especially one covering a nuclear reactor or cyclotron.

biological species British & World English

A species as defined by biological relationships between its members, rather than by morphological or other features thought to be distinctive of it; especially a group of organisms constituting a distinct and genetically related population whose members produce fertile offspring by breeding among themselves and generally not with members of other populations.

biological value British & World English

The proportion of the nutrients from a food, especially a protein, that can become incorporated into the tissues of the body, or be used by it as energy; specifically the percentage of nitrogen from a particular protein source absorbed by the body that is not excreted.

biological warfare British & World English

The use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war

biological weapon British & World English

A biological agent harmful to plants, animals, or people, especially a pathogen, deployed as a weapon to cause widespread devastation.

marine biological British & World English

Of or relating to marine biology.

biological clock British & World English

An innate mechanism that controls the physiological activities of an organism which change on a daily, seasonal, yearly, or other regular cycle

biological control British & World English

The control of a pest by the introduction of a natural enemy or predator

biological chemistry British & World English

The study of chemical processes relevant to biology, or of biological processes at the biochemical or molecular level; biochemistry and molecular biology.

biological determinism British & World English

The attribution of sole or excessive importance to biological factors in the determination of intelligence, behaviour, development, etc.

biological engineering British & World English

(In early use) modification of the (especially urban) human environment to improve public health; (in later use) = bioengineering.

biological invasion British & World English

The spread of an organism or species into an area formerly free of it, typically with detrimental effects such as the displacement or extinction of native species, destabilization of the invaded ecosystem, etc.; an instance of this.

biological membrane British & World English

A membrane of biological origin; especially that surrounding a cell or organelle and consisting chiefly of a lipid bilayer.

biological psychiatry British & World English

The branch of psychiatry concerned with the biological basis for mental disorders, typically using physical methods or medication (as opposed to psychotherapy) as treatment.

biological spectrum British & World English

The relative numbers of plant species per biological type (as aerophytes, hygrophytes, phanerophytes, etc.) occurring in a particular ecosystem, each expressed as a percentage of the total.

molecular biological British & World English

Of or relating to molecular biology.

biological psychiatrist British & World English

A specialist or expert in biological psychiatry.

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