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bladder British & World English

A muscular membranous sac in the abdomen which receives urine from the kidneys and stores it for excretion

gas bladder British & World English

A bladder containing gas; especially the swim bladder of a fish.

air bladder British & World English

An air-filled bladder or sac found in certain animals and plants

bladder fern British & World English

A small, delicate fern with rounded spore cases, growing on rocks and walls in both Eurasia and North America

bladder senna British & World English

A Mediterranean shrub of the pea family, which bears yellow flowers followed by inflated reddish pods

bladder worm British & World English

An immature form of a tapeworm, which lives in the flesh of the secondary host. Further development is suspended until it is eaten by the primary host

gall bladder British & World English

The small sac-shaped organ beneath the liver, in which bile is stored after secretion by the liver and before release into the intestine

swim bladder British & World English

A gas-filled sac present in the body of many bony fishes, used to maintain and control buoyancy

bladder campion British & World English

A white-flowered Eurasian campion with a swollen bladder-like calyx behind the deeply cut petals

neurogenic bladder British & World English

A bladder with absent or impaired function due to abnormal neural control.

bladdernut British & World English

A shrub or small tree of northern temperate regions, which bears white flowers and inflated seed capsules

bladderwrack British & World English

A common brown shoreline seaweed which has tough strap-like fronds containing air bladders that give buoyancy

bladder senna in senna British & World English

Used in names of plants of the pea family that are similar to senna, e.g. bladder senna

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