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blue1 British & World English

Of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day

blue2 British & World English

Squander or recklessly spend (money)

get away with murder British & World English

Succeed in doing whatever one chooses without being punished or suffering any disadvantage

blue English Thesaurus

she had bright blue eyes

re-blue British & World English

To make blue again. rare.

blue ash British & World English

The ash tree Fraxinus quadrangulata, which is chiefly native to the Midwestern United States, and of which the inner bark has been used as a blue dye.

blue bag British & World English

A barrister's (originally a solicitor's) brief bag made of blue fabric, now typically carried by a junior barrister.

blue band British & World English

A band of glacier ice of a blue colour due to the relative absence of air bubbles.

blue boat British & World English

(The crew of) the boat that represents the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford in a boat race between the universities.

blue boy British & World English

Any of various boys or men who wear blue clothing, or a blue uniform, livery, etc.; especially a boy who attends a blue coat school or similar charitable institution (now chiefly historical).

blue bull British & World English

The nilgai, Boselaphus tragocamelus.

blue bush British & World English

Any of several shrubs having leaves of a bluish colour; specifically (a) the South African shrub Diospyros lycioides (family Ebenaceae); (b) any of several plants native to arid areas of Australia, especially those of the Australian genus Maireana (family Amaranthaceae), and the perennial goosefoot Chenopodium auricomum.

blue cap British & World English

Military slang (now historical). Originally: a soldier belonging to the Royal Madras Fusiliers; (later) a soldier belonging to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

blue cat British & World English

A breed or variety of domestic cat having grey or bluish-grey fur; especially a Russian blue.

blue clay British & World English

A kind of ball clay used to make earthenware.

blue comb British & World English

(More fully blue comb disease) disease causing bluish discoloration of the comb in poultry, specifically coronaviral enteritis in turkeys; also in form bluecomb.

Blue Dog British & World English

A conservative Democratic politician, specifically a member of a coalition of (chiefly) Southern Democrats who identify themselves as moderates. Frequently attributive, especially in Blue Dog Democrat and Blue Dog Coalition.

blue duck British & World English

A rare duck, Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos, of swiftly flowing mountain streams in New Zealand, which has blue-grey plumage.

blue-eyed British & World English

Having eyes with blue irises.

blue fear British & World English

Extreme nervousness or dread, anxious depression; a condition or state characterized by this.

blue fig British & World English

Any of numerous cultivated varieties of the fig tree (Ficus carica) having blue or purple fruits (more fully blue fig tree).

blue fire British & World English

A blue light (typically produced by igniting a mixture containing sulphur) formerly used on the stage to create an unearthly or ghostly atmosphere, or to convey the effect of supernatural happenings; (hence attributive) sensational.

blue flu British & World English

A strike action, especially among police officers, in which workers are absent on the pretext of sickness

blue fly British & World English

A blue dipteran fly; specifically the bluebottle, Calliphora vomitaria.

blue fox British & World English

An Arctic fox, Vulpes lagopus, with slate-blue fur; especially a colour morph that retains the colour throughout the year and is valued for its fur.

blue gage British & World English

(Also more fully blue gage plum) a variety of plum with bluish skin.

blue gas British & World English

= blue water-gas.

blue gown British & World English

A blue gown worn as part of a person's uniform; specifically (a) one worn by a convicted prostitute in a house of correction; (b) one worn by a person who is provided for at a charitable institution, or (Scottish) by a licensed beggar. Compare blue coat. Now chiefly historical.

blue-grey British & World English

A grey colour tinged with blue.

blue-hair British & World English

An elderly person, especially a woman, as characterized by having hair treated with a blue rinse.

blue hawk British & World English

Any of various birds of prey with bluish-grey plumage; specifically the sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus), the merlin (Falco columbarius), the peregrine (F. peregrinus), and the male hen harrier (Circus cyaneus). Now historical.

blue heat British & World English

A temperature at which iron or steel assumes a bluish tint as a result of becoming covered with a film of iron oxide, typically about 300°C; frequently figurative.

blue hen British & World English

A formidable fighter; a feisty, spirited, or quick-tempered person. Usually in plural.

blue hole British & World English

A deep pool in which the water often appears blue; (in later use) specifically a deep water-filled cylindrical hollow or cave in limestone, typically in a coastal area of the tropics.

blue iron British & World English

(Also blue iron ore) an iron-containing ore or mineral of a blue colour; especially (also blue iron earth) = vivianite.

blue jean British & World English

Made of a type of heavy blue twilled cotton cloth, typically used for work clothes (now usually denim). Also figurative: †dull, plain, ordinary (obsolete).

blue kite British & World English

(US) the Mississippi kite, Ictinia mississippiensis.

blue laid British & World English

A type of thick high-quality ribbed blue paper.

Blue Lake British & World English

A cultivated variety of French bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, having long straight green pods and white seeds; also attributive.

blue lead British & World English

A gold-bearing stratum of bluish gravelly clay. Chiefly as the name (more fully Great Blue Lead) of a particular lode in California.

blue ling British & World English

A ling, Molva dypterygia (family Lotidae), which is a dark-coloured, elongated fish found in moderately deep water especially in the North Atlantic; formerly called lesser ling.

blue man British & World English

A black man; an African; = bloman.

blue milk British & World English

Milk that is low in butter fat, and hence has a bluish tinge; skimmed milk.

blue moon British & World English

A moon (real, depicted, or imagined) that appears blue.

blue mud British & World English

A bluish marine sediment, typically coloured by organic matter and iron sulphide.

blue nun British & World English

A nun who wears a blue habit; specifically (with capital initial) a member of the Roman Catholic order of the Conception.

blue oak British & World English

The oak Quercus douglasii, which has blue-green leaves and is endemic to California.

blue pike British & World English

The walleye, Sander vitreus (family Percidae); especially (in later use) the subspecies S. v. glaucus, formerly abundant in the Great Lakes but now thought to be extinct.

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