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boarding British & World English

Long, flat, thin pieces of wood used to build or cover something

board British & World English

Get on or into (a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle)

be boarding in board British & World English

(Of an aircraft) be ready for passengers to get on

boarding pass British & World English

A pass for boarding an aircraft, given to passengers when checking in

boarding house British & World English

A private house providing food and lodging for paying guests

boarding kennel British & World English

A place in which dogs are kept and looked after, especially while their owners are on holiday

boarding school British & World English

A school which provides accommodation and meals for the pupils during term time

preboard British & World English

Allow (a particular passenger or group of passengers) to board an aircraft before the rest of the passengers

reboard British & World English

(Of a passenger) board (a ship or vehicle) again

breadboard British & World English

Make (an experimental electric circuit)

boarding card in boarding pass British & World English

A pass for boarding an aircraft, given to passengers when checking in

kitesurfing British & World English

The sport or pastime of riding on a modified surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion

waterboard British & World English

Subject (someone) to the process of waterboarding

waterboarding British & World English

An interrogation technique simulating the experience of drowning, in which a person is strapped head downwards on a sloping board or bench with the mouth and nose covered, while large quantities of water are poured over the face

board something up/over in board British & World English

Cover or seal a window or building with pieces of wood

weatherboarding British & World English

Weatherboards collectively

boarding card English-Spanish

→ boarding pass

boarding pass English-Spanish

tarjeta f de embarque, pase m de abordar Chi, Méx

boarding house English-Spanish

pensión f, casa f de huéspedes

boarding kennel English-Spanish

residencia f, canina, hotel

she ended her days in a seaside boarding house in day English-Spanish

acabó sus días en una pensión de la costa