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bovine British & World English

Relating to or affecting cattle

bovine English Thesaurus

she gazed at me with her large, bovine eyes

bovine tuberculosis British & World English

Tuberculosis affecting cattle, which is typically caused by Mycobacterium bovis; (in later use also) disease in any species caused by this bacterium.

bovine somatotrophin British & World English

A growth hormone occurring naturally in cows that is added to cattle feed to increase milk production

bovine growth hormone British & World English

A natural hormone in cattle that helps regulate growth and milk production and that may be produced artificially and given to dairy cattle to increase the yield of milk

bovine peripneumonia in peripneumonia British & World English

Veterinary Med. More fully bovine peripneumonia. Bovine pleuropneumonia. Now rare.

BSE British & World English

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a disease of cattle which affects the central nervous system, causing agitation and staggering, and is usually fatal. It is believed to be caused by an agent such as a prion or a virino, and to be related to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans