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bowling British & World English

The game of bowls as a sport or recreation

bowl2 British & World English

Roll (a ball or other round object) along the ground

bowling alley British & World English

A long, narrow track along which balls are rolled in the games of skittles or tenpin bowling

bowling ball British & World English

A large, heavy ball with holes for the thumb and two fingers, used in tenpin bowling

bowling green British & World English

An area of closely mown grass on which the game of bowls is played

Bowling Green British & World English

A city in west central Kentucky; population 55,097 (est. 2008)

lawn bowling British & World English

North American term for bowls.

bowling average British & World English

The number of runs conceded by a bowler per wicket taken

bowling crease British & World English

The line from behind which a bowler delivers the ball

tenpin bowling British & World English

A game in which ten skittles are set up at the end of a track (typically one of several in a large automated alley) and bowled down with hard rubber or plastic balls

bowling rink in rink British & World English

The strip of a bowling green used for playing a match

bowling English-Spanish

bolos, bowling m

bowling Spanish-English

bowling, tenpin bowling

bowling alley English-Spanish

bolera f, bowling m

bowling green English-Spanish

pista donde se juega a los

tenpin bowling English-Spanish

→ tenpins

to go bowling in bowl English-Spanish

ir a jugar a los bolos, la petanca, las bochas

we were bowling down o along the street in bowl English-Spanish

íbamos como bólidos por la calle

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